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School Census

The School Census return provides essential information that's needed to understand what's going on in schools and to make sure that that national policy is developed sensibly and appropriately. Pupil numbers collected in the January census are the basis for allocating funding to local authorities and schools. School census underpins important benchmarking data in the national pupil database and publications such as RAISEonline. Local education authorities, other government departments, external agencies and educational researchers all make important use of the information.

Technical description

All pupil numbers below 5 have been suppressed. Provided by Information Management City of Nottingham Children and Families. The data is shown either by schools attended (Nottingham City Schools) or by the ward the pupil resides in (Nottingham City wards). Provided by Information Management City of Nottingham Children and Families

Further information

Date last updated 25/05/2017
Frequency of update Annually
Date added 25/05/2017
Resource owner Nottingham City Council
Temporal extent
Use constraints No Conditions Apply
Geographic extent Nottingham
Additional Information No additional resources defined

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