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What is Open Data Nottingham?

Open Data Nottingham has been created to support and facilitate Nottingham City Council's commitment to freeing up Nottingham's data.

We want citizens to be able to use the data that is held within this site - free of charge in innovative ways to create websites, apps and mobile products which people find really useful.

Are you interested in our transparency code or INSPIRE datasets? We've tagged them for you:

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Featured dataset

Investment in services that provide interventions for substance misuse

Investment in services that provide clinical and / or psychosocial interventions for substance misuse

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Nottingham Insight © Nottingham City Council GIS Team, 2014 Nottingham Insight is a shared evidence base, providing access to data about Nottingham and its surrounding areas. Visit Nottingham Insight for key datasets such as Census data, and Council spend data, browse our document library, or create profiles of the area you live or work in.
Openness: Closed; not all data is available
Nottingham Insight Mapping © Nottingham City Council GIS Team, 2014 Insight mapping is an interactive map of Nottingham and surrounding areas providing access to a wide range of layers. Add your choice of layers to the map to find out where bus stops, schools, or community centres are. Or see historic mapping, or go directly to Street View or Bird's Eye View of your chosen location.
Openness: closed; various datasets here cannot be reused because of closed licensing, usually Crown Copyright.
My Property © Nottingham City Council GIS Team, 2014 Discover information about your property and surrounding area. Enter an address into My Property to find out a range of information such as when your bin collection day is, which Council Tax band falls into, which school catchment area you fall into, where your nearest doctor's surgery is, where your nearest library is, and much more.