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We'd love to hear from you too, particularly if you've contacted us and we've been able to publish some data you asked us for, or if we've helped you in any other way. Don't forget that we will happily feature any websites, apps or mobile products you've created that use our data.

Barry Cornelius, Public Rights of Way data

"I'm really pleased with the service I got from the council of the City of Nottingham. Having asked for their data about public rights of way, they delivered the data with an Open licence in just three days. Other councils take several weeks or months and some refuse to release their data."

John F Moore, Government in The Lab

"I am impressed with the efforts and glad to read the reasons behind your efforts, they are both for transparency and for economic reasons."

Nottingham City Council's Information Governance Team Leader

"The Council receives in the region of 1,500 information requests a year amounting to several thousand questions. We don't want anyone to waste time searching for answers, we want the information to be at our fingertips and Open Data Nottingham is key to this. Hopefully the public can go straight to the site and find the answer, but even if they come to my team first, they get a quicker answer if we can signpost them to the answer on Open Data; this also frees us up to focus on other requests. Its early days yet but some financial requests are now answered by Open Data and it's also been used for questions about disabled parking bays and street lighting columns for instance. I'd love to see the service expand because it saves me time searching for information and, equally importantly, I can trust the data I find there."

(A Planning Consultant)

Planning applications data

"That was brilliant thanks – just what I needed."

Head of Performance and Support Section of Nottingham City Council's Development Management team

"Open Data has allowed us to simplify and speed up our response to Freedom of Information requests relating to planning application decisions, by providing a freely accessible and easily searchable electronic version of our register of applications with links to the detailed planning application documents. This means that we give users the ability to find the information they need, and we do not need to spend time querying the data for them."