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Dataset nameSynopsisLicense
Air Quality - nitrogen dioxide monitoring (automatic and non-automatic) Nottingham conducts nitrogen dioxide monitoring as part of the Environment Act 1995: Part 3 Local Air Quality Management process: to determine compliance with the National Air Quality Objectives, and check that measures to reduce emissions of nitrogen dioxide are workingOpen Government Licence
Air Quality Management AreasThe Environment Act 1995 placed a statutory duty on Local Authoriites to undertake assessments of air quality in their areas and; where air quality did not meet or was predicted not to meet specified air quality objectives (AQOs) to declare air quality management areas (AQMAs)Open Government Licence
Boundary-Line Ordnance Survey's Boundary-Line contains the full hierarchy of local government administrative boundaries and electoral boundaries for Great Britain, including Nottingham's city boundaryExternal data - check with provider
Bus SchedulesThe data has been published as part of the Department for Transport's Bus Open Data digital serviceOpen Government Licence
CCTV Camera imagesImages captured by Traffic Control CCTV camerasOpen Government Licence
Census 2011Data from the 2011 Census provided by the Office for National StatisticsExternal data - check with provider
Code-Point OpenCode-Point Open contains a list of all the current postcode units in Great Britain, each of which has a precise geographic location at a resolution of one metreExternal data - check with provider
Committee meeting agendasLink to information about City Council meetings and decisions, including a calendar of meetings with agendas, minutes and reports available for downloadOpen Government Licence
Committee Meeting MinutesAccess to sets of minutes for Boards within Nottingham City CouncilOpen Government Licence
Council Plan - Nottingham City CouncilA refreshed Strategic Council Plan 21-23 setting out the City Councils renewed priorities and direction for the next three years was approved at our full council meeting on 13th September 2021Open Government Licence
Councillors' allowances and expensesThe Councillors' allowances data includes the basic allowance that all Councillors receive, any Special Responsibility Allowances they receive for special roles such as committee chairmanships, portfolio holder roles and political group leadership, as well as any expenses paid for travel, subsistence and carersOpen Government Licence
Election resultsResults of the latest by-electionsOpen Government Licence
Equality Pay Gap Reports Nottingham City Council publish a number of equality pay reportsOpen Government Licence
Financial statements Nottingham City Council is required by statute to prepare Statement of Accounts in accordance with proper practices as set out in the CIPFA/LASAAC Code of Practice on Local Authority Accounting in the United KingdomOpen Government Licence
Geology British Geological Survey (BGS) has a wide range of datasets they publish for free under OpenGeoScienceExternal data - check with provider
Have Your Say process'Have your say'comments, compliments and complaints process for Nottingham City CouncilOpen Government Licence
HM Land Registry - Commercial and Corporate OwnershipHM Land Registry has made available, for free, data on land or property in England and Wales where the registered legal owner is a UK company or corporate body, or an overseas companyLand Registry Licence (Non-commercial use only, please see terms)
Job OpportunitiesFind out about job opportunities in NottinghamOpen Government Licence
Media releasesLink to Nottingham City Council's latest news releasesOpen Government Licence
Nottingham City Council's ConstitutionThe Constitution is part of the Council's corporate governance framework which defines the systems and processes by which the Council leads, directs and controls its functions and relates to its communities and partnersOpen Government Licence
Nottingham City's Key Strategic DocumentsAccess to an interactive list of Nottingham City's key strategic documentsOpen Government Licence
Parking account and Parking SpacesThis Report has been produced by the City Council to set out the existing parking provision in NottinghamOpen Government Licence
Pay Policy statement (includes pay multiple)Section 38 (1) of the Localism Act 2011 requires English and Welsh local authorities to produce and publish a pay policy statement for each financial year (starting from 2012/13)Open Government Licence
Planning applicationsPlanning applications received by Nottingham City Council, updated on a daily basisOpen Government Licence
Population statistics for Nottingham CityPopulation statistics for Nottingham CityExternal data - check with provider
Public Sector Apprenticeship Target ReportsPrescribed groups and public sector bodies with 250 or more staff in England have a target to employ an average of at least 2Open Government Licence
Public Spaces Protection OrdersPublic Spaces Protection Orders help reduce crime or antisocial behaviour occurring either on the path itself or resulting from its useOpen Government Licence
Rail SchedulesRail network has a number of data feeds which can be accessed as part of their open data transparency planExternal data - check with provider
Register of Alcohol and Entertainment license applicationsNottingham City Council's register of alcohol, entertainment and late night refreshment license applicationsOpen Government Licence
Registered ChildcareRegistered Childcare providers in NottinghamOpen Government Licence (Ordnance Survey derived data)
Road WorksRoadworksExternal data - check with provider
School Admissions - AppealsAppeals data is shown for Nottingham City Primary and Secondary Schools by academic yearOpen Government Licence
School Admissions - Offers on TimeOn times offers include all offers of school places for Primary and Secondary school made to Parents/Carers and Guardians on National Offer DayOpen Government Licence
School CensusThe School Census return provides essential information that's needed to understand what's going on in schools and to make sure that that national policy is developed sensibly and appropriatelyOpen Government Licence
SchoolsThe Department for Education's register of educational establishments in England and WalesOpen Government Licence
Section 251 Budget and Outturn Statements Local authorities (LAs) are required under Section 251 of the Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Act 2009 to prepare and submit annually separate budget and outturn statements about their planned and actual expenditureOpen Government Licence
Tenders for supplying goods and servicesThis page contains a link to Nottingham City's eTendering system, which advertises opportunities with the City CouncilOpen Government Licence
Voluntary and Community Sector FundingThis data contains grants made by Nottingham City Council to the voluntary and community sector for a range of activity or services that have been processed by Nottingham City CouncilOpen Government Licence