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Dataset nameSynopsisLicense
Car park occupancyLive car parking data for sites within the Nottingham ParkSmart systemOpen Government Licence
CouncillorsCouncillors for the City of Nottingham updated following the May 2019 local elections, reflecting the new ward boundary changesOpen Government Licence
Fixed Penalty NoticesData showing a variety of Fixed Penalty Notices (FPN) issued for Enviro-Crime eOpen Government Licence
Legal Warnings and Notices (including Statutory Nuisance Abatement Notices) This data is of notices and warnings (where required by statute) served by Nottingham City Council (specifically its Environmental Health and Safer Places team)Open Government Licence
Licensed premisesList of Licensed premises in the City of NottinghamOpen Government Licence
Non-Domestic (Business) Rates accountsThis open dataset is a comprehensive list of all current Non-domestic (business) rates accountsOpen Government Licence
Penalty Charge NoticesDate, Location and amount paid/outstanding in relation to static and bus lane Penalty Charge NoticesOpen Government Licence
ProcurementNottingham City Council Procurement Plan and Contracts RegisterOpen Government Licence
Senior Salaries and Organisation StructureThe report contains information relating to the roles and salaries of Senior Officers at Senior Leadership Management Group or equivalent grades and shows how they fit into the organisational structure based on the requirements set out in the Local Government Association's Transparency CodeOpen Government Licence
ShopmobilityLocation of Shopmobility (free loan of electric scooters and wheelchairs to help people with mobility problems enjoy shopping)Open Government Licence (Ordnance Survey derived data)
Statutory nuisances This data contains service requests made to Nottingham City Council for a range of actual/potential statutory nuisances (specifically: smoke, fumes, gases, dust, steam, smell, other effluvia, accumulation, deposit, noise, light), emissions to atmosphere that may adversely affect air quality, historical contamination of land that may adversely affect human health or groundwater, and recorded, investigated and resolved, to discharge the relevant part of Nottingham City Council's statutory functionsOpen Government Licence