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Statutory nuisances

This data contains service requests made to Nottingham City Council for a range of actual/potential statutory nuisances (specifically: smoke, fumes, gases, dust, steam, smell, other effluvia, accumulation, deposit, noise, light), emissions to atmosphere that may adversely affect air quality, historical contamination of land that may adversely affect human health or groundwater, and recorded, investigated and resolved, to discharge the relevant part of Nottingham City Council's statutory functions. The data from 2008 to 2013 also includes 'service requests' arising from Planning Applications as part of the planning consultation/review process and to prevent nuisance.

Technical description

The data up to and including 2019 is provided on a calendar year basis from 2008. From 2021 published service request (nuisance) data now includes the preceding 15 full months data thus covering the previous calendar year AND previous financial year, and the data will be published annually (in April) to enable this.

Further information

Date last updated 11/04/2022
Frequency of update Annually
Date added 08/08/2013
Resource owner Nottingham City Council
Temporal extent Jan 2008 - March 2021
Use constraints Any cases without a 'Closed date' are still open at the time of the data extract because the case is still under investigation. As a result, a case may appear in more than one year's data. Data for cases on streets with less than ten residential addresses has been supressed to prevent identification of individuals. Such records are still included in the dataset but the street name has been replaced with 'NOT DISCLOSED'.
Geographic extent Nottingham
Additional Information More information about Environmental Health on the Council's website.

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