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Planning applications

Planning applications received by Nottingham City Council, updated on a daily basis.

Technical description

If you're interested in a single planning application, you do not need to download this. Instead, search on Nottingham City Council's public access planning website.

The data are available in two files: ncc_PlanningAplications.csv - this file contains planning applications from 01-01-2009 to the present date (this file is updated every day); and ncc_PlanningAplications2003-2008.csv - this is a static file containing applications from 01-01-2003 to 31-12-2008. Both csv files contain x and y co-ordinates, enabling you to plot the data as point data.

The 'CaseURL' field in the ncc_PlanningAplications.csv file contains a link to Nottingham City Council's planning applications public access pages where further information about each application (including a map) can be found. The URL field does not contain a value where: the application has been received but not yet validated, or where the application has been returned, or where the application has been withdrawn, or where the application was invalid on receipt, or where there was insufficient fee, or where no application was required.

As from 23-12-2014 the data meets the schema requirements for Planning Applications defined in the Local Government Open Data Incentive Scheme.

The shapefile and GeoJSON can be matched to the CSV file on CaseReference (CSV file) and App Ref (GeoJSON and SHP file) to add in additional fields which are not included in the spatial extract of the data.

Polygons captured for internal council use illustrating the approximate extent of planning and other applications processed by the council. The dataset does not form part of the statutory register of applications, is not guaranteed to be complete and application extents may differ from actual application site boundaries. The plotted areas do not relate to land ownership and should not be used in boundary disputes. For actual site boundaries please refer to the relevant application plans at Planning Applications.

Search for applications, find out if you need planning permission and how to apply for planning permission.

Further information

Date last updated 22/05/2024
Frequency of update Daily
Date added 12/10/2012
Resource owner Nottingham City Council
Temporal extent Yesterday
Use constraints The Development Type field may be blank for some records. This occurs in newly received applications and is updated when the application has been validated.
Geographic extent Nottingham
Additional Information Further information about the Planning and Building Control service from Nottingham City Council's website

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ShapefilePlanning Applications
GeoJSONPlanning Applications
CSVLatest planning applications
CSVPlanning Applications 2003-2008
URLPlanning Applications schema definiton


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