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Ethnicity Pay Gap

We have published our ethnicity pay gap information for transparency and to demonstrate our strong commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion, including our commitment to taking practical action to address disparities in the workplace. Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) employees have lower median and mean pay on average than White British employees on average, meaning that there is a pay gap. The mean average pay gap for is 7.9%, which means that for every pound earned by the average White British employee, the average BAME employee earns just over 92p. The median average pay gap for 2020 is 8.6%, i.e. for every pound that the White British employee at the middle of all White British earners is paid, the BAME employee at the middle of all BAME earners earns just over 91p. The reason for the gap is that White British employees are slightly overrepresented in the highest two quartiles, which means that they earn more on average by a large enough margin to raise their mean hourly rate and there are proportionally more BAME earners in the lower quartiles than in the upper quartiles. We need to work to ensure that ethnic minority staff have the same access to opportunities for development, recognising that they are more likely to experience barriers in the workplace. We need to create an inclusive environment within the organisation and consider further use of positive action to address the under-representation in the highest two pay quartiles, as well as looking at ways in which we can ensure that the organisation is culturally competent so that we can remove any barriers which disproportionately affect ethnic minority staff. We have identified some ways in which can work to improve the ethnicity pay gap in the report, such as signing the Race at Work Charter and developing an action plan against the charter commitments. The action plan is also published here.

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